Protein Arrays

Active Array 2.0

Active Array 2.0 high density silicon nanowell arrays offered in pre-set human proteome array comprised of 18,000 full length human proteins.

  • Human Proteome Collection

Custom ActiveArray 2.0

When it comes to research, one size does not fit all. Many projects require specialized arrays, designed specifically for particular projects, including specific protein subsets, proteins from different species, different isoforms of specific proteins or various mutant forms of an important clinical protein.  As our core technology is driven by cloned genes, Ordinatrix also offers custom built arrays displaying proteins specific to your unique research need.

Flexibility is a central feature of the NAPPA technology. Once the cDNA for a gene is captured in a NAPPA-compatible expression vector, the protein can be produced on the arrays. Tens of thousands of genes from many species are already available in NAPPA-compatible vectors at clone repositories (e.g., DNASU) and we can readily provide empty vectors to users who have unique genes that they would like to add.  We can also arrange for a high throughput cloning team to assist in producing such clone sets.

For more information on custom arrays, contact the Customer Service.


Ordinatrix provides protein array screening services for your convenience.  Depending on the quantity and the type of proteins, Ordinatrix may utilize standard NAPPA on flat glass or high-density NAPPA using silicon nano wells to print and screen your protein selection that is most appropriate for each application.

Screening services come with data return of normalized intensity values for each array along with a list of what we consider to be “top hits” based on our expertise. The amount of sample needed for screening is assay dependent.  Contact Customer Service to inquire about the volume needed for your specific project.

The following screening services are available:

  • Serological screening for disease related antibodies
  • Antibody screening for specificity
  • Protein-Protein Interaction screening

DNA Prep - High Throughput DNA Extraction

Ordinatrix has the capability to perform two different methods of 96-well format DNA purification. The difference between these two methods is the amount of final DNA concentration obtained and purity.

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