Niro Ramachandran, PhD.

Advisory Board Member

Niro Ramachandran PhD is an inventor of the Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Array Platform. Dr. Ramachandran has nearly two decades of experience in developing and commercializing multiplexed protein quantitation platforms. His experience spans many protein platform technologies like mass spectrometry, surface plasmon resonance, protein planar and bead arrays, digital single molecule counting technology and a wide variety of immuno-assays. Currently, Dr. Ramachandra serves as the Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Nanostring Technologies. Previously, he led protein product development efforts at Life Technologies and Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Dr. Ramachandran graduated from the University of Toronto, received his Ph.D. from the University of Windsor in Canada and completed his post doctorate at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics, Harvard Medical School.