Sally Caglioti

Advisory Board Member

Sally Caglioti MT (ASCP) SBB began her career in transfusion medicine at Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh where she attended the Specialist in Blood Bank Technology Program. After spending over eight years at the Sylvan N. Goldman Oklahoma Blood Institute as Director of Technical Services, she moved to Blood Systems (BSI) based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  While at BSI, Sally has held a number of positions, most prominently providing leadership for the consolidation and operation of BSI’s high volume centralized donor testing laboratories, Blood Systems Laboratories (BSL).  Sally is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Creative Testing Solutions (CTS), a joint venture entered into by Florida Blood Services and BSI in 2010, and later expanded by the addition of the American Red Cross.  With laboratories located in Dallas, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Tampa, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, St. Louis, Missouri and Portland, Oregon, CTS performs blood donor testing for approximately 75% of the U.S. blood supply and generates over $450 million in revenues.  CTS is a leader in the advancement of transfusion safety through scientific initiatives including development of tests for emerging infections, clinical studies and the participation in trials that generate data to assist in national policy decisions.